Making Internet History

WebForce has the largest independent Brazilian internet audience. We have been an engine of innovation in the Brazilian internet for over 15 years, and believe our success and reputation are directly linked to our entrepreneurial spirit and passion for challenge. We are proud to have founded, invested in, and managed companies that have become icons in this market, and that have inextricably linked our story with the story of the development of the internet in Brazil from its very inception.

  • STI - O Provedor Amigo


    Start-up: 1993

    Business model: Internet service provider

    Highlight: Fourth largest ISP in Brazil

    Strategic exit: Acquired by PSINet for 28 million

    Exit year: 1999

  • HPG


    Start-up: 2000

    Business model: Free Home Page

    Highlight: Second largest audience BR Internet

    Strategic exit: Acquired by iG for 55 million

    Exit year: 2002

  • Maber Empreendimentos Imobiliáos


    Start-up: 2004

    Business model: Real Estate Company

    Highlight: Innovative model. Secondary market

    Strategic exit: Acquired by Lopes

    Exit year: 2010

  • Caio Máo

    Caio Mário Paes de Andrade

    Is an experienced manager with a consistent history of success. After a successful career as an executive of consumer goods companies and retailers, he became CEO of PSINet LA at age 35. In this position he was responsible for the acquisition of 12 internet providers in Brazil alone. Caio holds a post graduate degree in marketing from Harvard University and an MBA from Duke University, and is now responsible for WebForce Internet operations. Caio is a musician and constantly researches the changes that Internet promotes in society. Caio considers himself to be from Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, and SãPaulo, but above all, he is Fluminense.

  • Mauro Bertaglia

    Mauro Bertaglia

    Founded STI in 1993 along with Maurício, which became PSINet.s largest acquisition in Latin America. After the sale, Mauro became director for PSINet.s wholesale segment in Latin America and was responsible for introducing Starmedia and iG to the market. Also a founder of WebForce Networks, Mauro was CEO of Maber for 5 years and is responsible for the company.s success story until its sale to Lopes in 2010. Today, he is 123i.s CEO and continues to be a fan of information technology and its application in people.s everyday lives. Mauro is a supporter of the soccer team Palmeiras.

  • Maurío Meismith

    Maurício Meismith

    Is a born entrepreneur who taught programming at the company, Datasul at the age of 13. In 1990, at 16 years old, he was a consultant for Multisoluções, a company that represented, Apple in Brazil. When he turned 19, he founded STI where he developed extensive experience in IT and business administration. In 2001, he founded WebForce Networks together with Caio Mário and Mauro Bertaglia. Like his partners, Maurício is a generalist, but focuses the finance and legal aspects of the business. Mauricio is a near professional-level tennis player and loves technology. He does not like soccer, and so is a moderate supporter of Palmeiras.